Universtiy of Miami Miller School of Medicine Graduate Studies

General Advice / Temp Housing

What to Do First?

The first step in your housing search is to determine what you want as far as affordability, location and building amenities.

  • Will you have a car, will you be using public transportation, or do you want to walk?
  • Have you factored in the cost of deposits, electric, cable, phone service, and the price of buying or renting furniture?
  • What are the most important qualities you are looking for in an apartment or house to rent? Close to campus? Quiet neighborhood? Laundry in the unit? Do you want to have a pet?

Determine your priorities and what amenities you think you need in an apartment. These factors may change as you search, but they will provide a base from which you can start looking.

Don’t forget that renting is not the only option. Since most students will be in the PhD program about five years, buying and building equity is something to consider.

Apartment Searching

It is recommended that you contact a realtor as most apartments in Miami are individually owned. Apartment units for rent move on and off the market very quickly so it is recommended to look for a place 45 days for apartment complexes prior. Individual private-owned condos tend to appear on the market 1-4 weeks prior to move-in. If you are in South Florida or visiting, driving around and looking for “For Rent” signs in desired neighborhoods is ideal.

Be wary of Craigslist and other classified listing websites. If it sounds too good to be true – it is. A frequent scam is to describe an ideal apartment but when you call it is not available and they have another one to show you. If it is not a property management company – it might be a scam. Deal only with local renters or their realtor.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate with landlords! The culture in Miami is greatly influenced by latin culture. Unlike other parts of the US, haggling to get what you want is an expectation.

Most apartment complexes or property management companies in the region require a security deposit, the first month’s rent and last month’s rent up front to secure your place. Do not pay down cash. Obtain a cashier’s or certified check from your regular bank which are traceable. Be sure to keep copies of all documentation.

Looking for a Apartment or Roommate

Discounted Hotel Rates

Short Term Housing

Extended Stay Brickell offers UM students a discounted weekly or monthly rate in an studio style apartment. This is a great option for those who relocate to Miami and want to take some time to look for an apartment in person. Ask for the manager to negotiate your rate.