Universtiy of Miami Miller School of Medicine Graduate Studies

Course Descriptions

PIBS 700 – Journal Club/Seminar

All PIBS students are required to attend one journal club or seminar each week for the entire academic year.

PIBS 701 – Introduction to Biomedical Sciences

This course surveys fundamentals of molecular and cellular biology that underly all modern biomedical research. Lectures are organized into modules that cover Proteins and DNA, Gene Expression, Signaling and Membranes, Cells, and Development. A final module covers immunology, organ systems, and genetics. Experimental techniques are emphasized throughout, with the first week of the course devoted to a bootcamp on common biomedical methods.

PIBS 702 – Scientific Reasoning

This course teaches scientific reasoning by critical reading of primary research papers in a small-group setting. Multiple small groups are offered every week and students can choose from different topics related to lectures in the companion PIBS 701 course. Research papers are discussed in two 1-hour sessions each week.

PIBS 705 – Biostatistics for Biosciences

This is an introductory course that covers the basics of applied statistics. The course emphasizes a practical understanding of statistical concepts: the goal is to prepare you to be able to properly analyze and interpret data from your own research, not to turn you into a statistician. As such, the structure of the course is designed to provide hands-on experience with data and statistical software, and to teach you how to proceed when you encounter novel problems in the future (e.g., data that you’re not quite sure how to analyze). An overall goal of the course is to prepare you to be able to intelligently assess the statistics commonly encountered in journal articles in your field, to and provide you with the foundational skills required for more advanced statistical methods when you later encounter the need.

PIBS 731 – Laboratory Research

Laboratory rotations familiarize students with a variety of modern techniques in biomedicine and potential mentors for their dissertation projects.

PIBS 780 – Research Ethics

The NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts stipulates that Institutions receiving support for National Research Service Award Training Grants are required to develop a program in the principles of scientific integrity. This program should be an integral part of the proposed training effort.

PIBS 782 – Professional Development: Skills for Success I

This workshop will teach students the basics on how to: manage your career, choose a rotation lab / mentor, read a scientific paper, write a lab report and present in the journal club and lab meetings.

PIBS 783 – Professional Development: Skills for Success II

This workshop will teach students the basics on how to: write a fellowship and scientific paper as well as the proper and ethical handling of research data.

PIBS 830 – Doctoral Dissertation

Required for all PhD candidates. First-year students generally take one credit of doctoral dissertation in their first summer semester then continue in program specific dissertation credit through graduation.