Universtiy of Miami Miller School of Medicine Graduate Studies

PhD with Translational Track

Any biomedical science PhD student may add the translational track to their degree program.

Declare the Translational Track

  • The student should notify his/her primary mentor of the desire to join the Translational Track before beginning the dissertation phase. Mentor must agree that the additional coursework will be covered by the stipend.
  • Work with primary basic science mentor to identify an additional “clinical mentor.”
  • The student should notify the Directors of OGS and Translational Track (Charles Lowman and Sanjoy Bhattacharya) in writing of the intent to declare the Translational Track and provide names of both mentors (template).

Complete the translational coursework

  • Attend lectures for one module of the medical curriculum related to the field of the dissertation. Student should obtain written approval from course coordinators to attend the lectures and share it with OGS.
  • EPH 621 : Fundamentals of Epidemiology OR EPH 604 : Clinical Trials (EPH 604 prerequisite is EPH 602).
  • Attend workshop on IRB protocol preparation, 1 day, no credit. Share proof of attendance with OGS.
  • Attend seminars of Clinical & Transl. Research, CTI 601. Share proof of attendance with OGS.

Dissertation Requirements

  • Dissertation must contain at least one “translational” specific aim.
  • Dissertation committee must have at least one member involved in translational research.

Progress tracking

  • OGS will monitor student progress through the translational track by marking progress in the Graduate Studies portal.
  • When student declares the translational track, OGS will enroll him/her in the translational track program in Graduate Studies. As the student progresses, documentation of each requirement will be uploaded to the student’s file.
  • After the student defends, OGS will inform the Registrar to make a notation on the diploma stating “Ph.D. in _____ with a distinction in Translational Research.”