Universtiy of Miami Miller School of Medicine Graduate Studies

Special Events and Awards

Neuroscience Research Day

Neuroscience Research Day is a one-day conference designed to showcase and promote neuroscience in South Florida. It is a venue for sharing ideas and networking between current and future neuroscientists. The annual event has grown to include over 100 posters from graduate students, postdoctoral associates, faculty, and staff neuroscientists in the South Florida research community. Students in the Neuroscience Program are expected to present a poster from their 3rd year onward.

The keynote speaker for the 2016 Annual Neuroscience Research Day (December 9, 2016) was Catherine Dulac, PhD, Higgins Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Harvard University. Her seminar was titled, Molecular and Neural Architecture of Social Behavior Circuits in the Mouse.

Richard P. Bunge Memorial Lecture

Richard P. Bunge, MD, Director of the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, died of cancer in 1996. Dr. Bunge was at the forefront of research efforts to understand and improve the processes of repair in the nervous system. His work led to discovery of the mechanism of CNS myelination and the demonstration of the connections between forming myelin and oligodendrocytes. In his memory, an annual lectureship was established every year, a prominent neuroscientist is invited and recognized for his/her research.

For the 2017 RP Bunge Memorial Lecture (February 10, 2017), the keynote speaker was Marc Tessier-Lavigne, PhD, Bing Presidential Professor, President, Stanford University. His seminar was titled, Sculpting Neuronal Connections: The Logic and Mechanisms of Axon Growth and Pruning.

Neuroscience Retreat

The retreat is held each spring to give Neuroscience students, faculty, and postdoctoral associates the opportunity to hear about each other’s work and exchange scientific ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. The retreat is held at UM’s beautiful RSMAS Campus in Virginia Key. This is a great place to learn about our faculty and student research while enjoying some of South Florida’s most picturesque landscapes.

Lois Pope Fellowship

The Lois Pope LIFE Fellows Program is an endowed program supporting outstanding graduate students with research interests in neuroscience. The Lois Pope LIFE Foundation Development Award is given to current graduate students in the biomedical sciences who demonstrate excellent research potential in the field of neuroscience. The Lois Pope LIFE Foundation Research Award is given to current graduate students in the biomedical sciences who demonstrate outstanding research productivity in the field of neuroscience as judged by a poster presentation at Neuroscience Research Day.

Edward J. Green Memorial Award

Dr. Ed Green was an active participant and faculty member in the Neuroscience Program for 18 years until his death from cancer in June 2010. The award is given annually to the nominee who best exemplifies the qualities of Dr. Green, including scholarship, citizenship and service, dedication to the program, and a spirit of cooperation and selflessness.