Universtiy of Miami Miller School of Medicine Graduate Studies

MSTP Events

Clinical Case Reviews

At this monthly all program meeting two to three MSTP students present a clinical case, with a physician faculty serving as a facilitator to guide students through the approach to the patient. Major goals are to reduce the gap in medical curriculum continuity during graduate training and to improve clinical reasoning skills for all students. A scientific paper that expands upon the patient case is also discussed to reinforce the bridge between research and clinical practice. Cases are from all major divisions of medicine, and sessions are scheduled to parallel the curriculum of MS1 and MS2.

Scientific & Professional Development Workshop

The SPD monthly dinner meetings provide opportunities for MSTP student professional development. For some sessions students invite UMMSM or visiting physician-scientists, who discuss current research, combined degree training, their career path, and other areas of interest to MSTP students. In addition, the students organize panels of invited faculty on student-selected topics such as:

  • Clinical Trials & Human Subjects Research
  • Business of Academic Medicine
  • Transition Back to Medical School
  • Research Oriented Residencies
  • Nuts and Bolts of Fellowship Applications
  • K08 Awards
  • Translating Benchwork to the Bedside
  • Choosing a Research Mentor
  • Networking
  • Specific Aims Writing, Commercializing Research
  • Physician Scientist Roles in Politics
  • Impact of Big Data on Medicine
  • RCR Sessions

MTSP Annual Research Symposium

The Student Research Symposium is an annual event held in the spring of each year, planned and organized by MSTP students. A notable physician scientist from outside UM is invited to give a scientific lecture open to the entire UMMSM community. The guest speaker also holds an informal mentoring session with MSTP students to discuss his/her experiences as a physician scientist and making important career decisions. The event showcases research by the MSTP students through poster presentations and talks, and provides a unique forum for interaction among students, mentors and other faculty.

List of Prior Keynote Speakers