Universtiy of Miami Miller School of Medicine Graduate Studies

MS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology + Master of Business Administration

We are pleased to offer a new sequential degree program, MS-MBA. The Master of Science in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology is emphasized on laboratory-based or industrial research training, which combined with a Master of Business Administration degree, will prepare students for careers in industry, academia, and government laboratories.

The discipline of biochemistry is at the center of the basic biomedical sciences, as detailed mechanistic understanding of biochemical pathways and processes are critical in clinical medicine and discovery in both academic and industrial settings. This is reflected by the increased need from industry, academia, and governmental laboratories for students trained in molecular biology techniques and protein chemistry.

Our program is targeted to students interested in joining science workforce after the bachelor’s degree in industry, academic, and government laboratories. The program is also suitable for students requiring additional background in BMB in order to pursue PhD or MD-PhD programs if they chose to pursue these paths after obtaining MS degree. The program will be useful for students who would like to transition into laboratory science workforce faster but were not prepared for laboratory or research hands-on experience during their undergraduate degree. We envision that the graduates from MS-MBA program will find career opportunities in industry or government laboratories. Additionally, these students will be better prepared for apply for PhD programs.