Universtiy of Miami Miller School of Medicine Graduate Studies

Course Descriptions

The following is a list of specific Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology course descriptions. Please see the First Year Program in Biomedical Sciences for other required courses as well as the other graduate program pages for elective options.

MDB 701 – Seminar

All registered MDB graduate students must participate in seminar/research journal club. The students are required to present their research findings as well as critically review published paper(s) of their choice and describe in detail the findings described therein. Attendance of Department Faculty seminars is requirement.’

MDB 710 – Readings in Cell Biology

Current and classical research papers in cell, developmental, and molecular biology. Critical evaluation of papers and the methodologies used is included.

MDB 751 – Advanced Cell Biology Approaches to Molecular Medicine

Structure, function, and biogenesis of cellular organelles and the cytoskeleton, including their regulation and dynamic interactions. The course is taught in seminars, followed by student-led discussion of recent relevant papers in the literature. The goal of the course is to lead the students to in-depth conceptual and methodological analysis of selected topics up the understanding of current leading-edge research in specific topics in Cell Biology. The course is designed to cover knowledge beyond the text books and to enable the students to design and criticize experimental approaches in Cell Biology acceptable for current peer-review criteria.

MDB 752 – Current Topics in Mammalian Development

The course will cover central emerging topics in mammalian development today including embryonic stem cells, micro RNA gene regulation, and organogenesis. The class will have an interactive format, starting with a basic lecture in mammalian development, subsequent sessions will include an overview of the selected topic by Faculty, followed by round table discussions of current paper(s) in the field.

MDB 753 – Histology

This course will offer the student a virtual slide collection of histology with interactive lectures to support image-based learning. The course covers basic tissues, organs, and systems (vascular, digestive, respiratory, urinary, lymphatic, endocrine, nervous, and reproductive). The goal of the course is to enable the students to understand what they can see in normal (H&E) microscopy sections, to identify microscopic structures and cells, and to understand the function(s) of the same.

MDB 765 – Tumor Biology

This course, Comprised of lectures and student-led literature discussion, is intended to provide broad-based instruction on the modern molecular and cellular aspects of cancer biology, basic and translational research. The course highlights multiple areas including cell cycle, apoptosis, epidemiology, and angiogenesis.

MDB 830 – Dissertation Research-Pre-Candidacy

Required for all PhD candidates. The student will enroll for credits as determined by the Office of Graduate Studies but not less than a total of 24. No more than 12 hours of research may be taken in a regular semester, and no more than six in a summer session.

MDB 840 – Doctoral Dissertation-Post Candidacy

Required for all PhD candidates. The student will enroll for credits as determined by the Office of Graduate Studies.

MDB 850 – Research in Residence

Student must be registered in the semester they plan to defend. Used to establish research in residence for the PhD after the student has been enrolled for the permissible cumulative total in appropriate doctoral research. Credit is not granted.