Universtiy of Miami Miller School of Medicine Graduate Studies

Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology

The graduate program in Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology (MDB) is an interdepartmental program that offers graduate training towards the PhD degree in the fields of molecular cell biology, cell biology, and developmental biology. The training offers students a solid background in contemporary concepts and technologies, preparing them for the possible challenges of a career in medical fields that are undergoing rapid technological and social changes.

The courses are designed to provide fundamental background knowledge and introduction to contemporary concepts and methodologies in cell and developmental biology with relevance to diseases and key biological questions. Also, the teaching stresses problem-solving abilities and independent reasoning and thinking.

Additionally, the students will be trained in a selected laboratory, which will provide mentoring in specific research work as the thesis project for in-depth study and research discovery. The laboratories of the MDB program provide a wide range of current research opportunities in areas of basic and translational cell biology relevant to human diseases with expert faculty members and labs in these fields. Most of the research projects are supported by federal funding and have great prospects for future development.

The unique concept of our research program is to endow the students with not only contemporary technical skills and essential knowledge but also dynamic talents and ability to adapt and succeed in a changing world.

Key Areas of Research

  • Cell Biology and Diseases of Lung, Liver, Blood, Brain, Heart, Kidney, Skin, Brain and Digestive Systems
  • Cellular Innate Immunity
  • Diabetes
  • Embryonic & Tissue Stem Cell Biology
  • HIV & Viral Immunity
  • Metabolism / Obesity
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Reproductive Biology
  • Tumor Biology
  • Vision / Ophthalmology

The incredible ability of a cell to develop into a biologically complex organism is what has been the basis of my inspiration throughout graduate school. With its outstanding faculty, amazing student support and excellent facilities, the U has transitioned from a stepping stone in my career to becoming my second home.

Fahd Qadir
Fulbright Fellow & Student
Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology