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Admissions Pathways

Microbiology and Immunology Admissions Procedure

As a student interested in Microbiology and Immunology (MIC), you have two routes to admission : general admission to the PIBS umbrella program or direct admission to MIC.

As an applicant to the PiBS first-year program, you can indicate Microbiology & Immunology as your primary interest. This will ensure that the scoring of your application involves representatives of the MIC program. As a student that is admitted through PIBS, you may rotate across all programs or you may choose to focus your rotations in MIC member laboratories. At the end of year one, you would join the MIC program.

The direct admission option is intended for students that have already decided that they want to pursue a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology and who want to expedite their progression. MIC can adjust the first-year curriculum requirements to accelerate their training based on a student’s background and interests. In order to get admitted through this process, you have two options:

Identifying a mentor ahead of time who agrees to take the student into his/her lab once accepted. In this case, the student would not rotate through different labs and would start PhD research right away. While this is the most streamlined process towards your PhD, it is critical that the upfront mentor / mentee pairing is in place and sound. In order for this admission option to apply, the MIC program does require significant prior mentor / mentee interactions, preferably including that the student has done research in the mentor’s lab or has otherwise substantially collaborated with the mentors in research settings.

Entering direct admit without an established mentor / mentee agreement. As part of the general admission, you can select MIC-track. MIC-track differs from general admission in our ability to streamline the admission process for some of the applicants whose interest closely matches the interest of available mentors who have immediate openings to accept new students. Applications of the MIC-track may also be considered in PIBS general admission, because any applicant for MIC-track is automatically part of general admission as well. MIC-track supports two very competitive fellowships for year one to support the rotation option in MIC. MIC-track students may take a first-year curriculum that differs from the standard PIBS curriculum. Their curriculum can be adjusted to accelerate their training toward their career goal, based on their academic background and experience levels in the microbiology and/or immunology fields.

In any case, as a direct admit candidate you need to contact the program so that we can answer any questions you may have and track your application in the admissions process. Please send an email to our program coordinator Theresa Votolato and program director, Dr. Zhibin Chen.

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