Universtiy of Miami Miller School of Medicine Graduate Studies

Accepting Your Offer

Congratulations to those students who have been accepted into our graduate programs at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine!

The Right Fit

Joining a graduate program is a great step for your education, research, training and career goals. It is also a serious commitment. We think you are the right candidate for our program and hope that you feel the same. All admission offers are valid until April 15th prior to your enrollment in the fall semester.

Be sure to maximize this time by familiarizing yourself with our research, curriculum, campuses, cities and more. Our faculty, staff and students are more than happy to get to know you and help with any questions you might have. Here is a small list to get you started:

Accepting our Admission Offer

Once you have made your final decision, complete the Admission Offer Response Form enclosed in your acceptance letter and email it to ogs@med.miami.edu.

Accepting your offer commits you to matriculating in the semester indicated on your official letter. Per the Council of Graduate School resolution, students may not accept multiple offers at different schools. In turn, graduate schools agree to allow students until April 15th to make their decision.

Required Documents

All matriculating students MUST submit updated / final official transcripts and test scores by April 15th. Any documents uploaded to your application do not count as official. Students who have attended a non-US institution must also submit a photocopy of their diploma for all earned degrees. Chinese transcripts must be processed through CDGDC and Indian transcripts must include both pass and fail mark sheets. Note that your admission offer letter states your specific requirements at the bottom.

Transcripts and test scores should be mailed to:
University of Miami
Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
1600 NW 10th Ave, Suite 1128-D, M-857
Miami, FL 33136

Official E-transcripts can be sent directly by the institution to: